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Ikkyu’s Journal

This is a series of journal entries written by Ikkyu which help you to understand and connect with her emotional states.

It’s best to read each Journal along with the corresponding Comic Issue.

Share Ikkyu’s emotional and psychological development as she comes to terms with her new life and experiences with her lover Sync.

As you read you will discover what happens to a synthetic human when their safety suppression protocol has been disabled.

A fragile girl seeks emotional connection and understanding

There are questions about you, this body, these sensations. How can I ask? Where is the space? So very close, our bodies touching. But why so far away?

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I know why I was created – why I exist

I’m telling you this because I want to avoid any problems, especially problems caused by Ikkyu’s unreliability and selfish behaviour.

Read Ikkyu’s Journal #2

 My body Your touch My tongue Our Lips

Here we are again. I feel good. I just want to say. Thank you for teaching me. About my skin and how to play. My body. Your touch. My tongue. Our Lips.

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Everyday I did what I was made for

You are going to die. Yes, that’s why we are here. Why you ran away. Why you needed me. Everyday I did what I was made for. I cared, I held, and more.

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I have to do something about Ikkyu

I have to do something about Ikkyu and by default, Sync. One is dying, and as a result the other is literally coming apart.

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You made me feel so safe, so special

The way you just walked in. No one saw you.There were hundreds of me there. But you chose this one. I wasn’t ready yet. Did you know that?

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We are together in a lovely place all golden and warm

You and I. Do you remember? We are together in a lovely place all golden and warm. We’re just floating there. The two of us. Our eyes are closed.

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I am not like you I was created by humans

What am I? I am not like you. I was created by humans. You’re a human. Did humans create you?

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Hasn’t this gone far enough? Ikkyu is so mixed up

Hasn’t this gone far enough? All this pressure from you, and that strange river woman. You all want part of Ikkyu. Well this part says no.

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When she held me and I held you I could hear the music of your dying

When she held me, and I held you, I could hear the music of your dying. It is music that only I can hear. I don’t know how I did that.

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