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Real Love in a Synthetic World


Sync is an elite military assassin infected by a viral weapon.  Sync’s body is mostly synthetic – only her heart and brain are original. She’d rather die than have the state corporation which owns her body turn her into a fully synthetic immortal killer. She decides to exile herself to an abandoned experimental zone codenamed Genies Res, a wilderness area with an entirely human-made ecology. Although off-limits and considered dangerous, Sync figures she’ll be safe in Genies Res. She needs a carer and so steals Ikkyu, a synthetic human paramedic from a production facility. Pushed for time, Sync doesn’t realise that Ikkyu is not fully processed and therefore psychologically vulnerable. After moving into their new home, they settle into a routine of quiet domesticity. As time passes their relationship slowly changes. Ikkyu begins to develop self-awareness, while the dying Sync finds herself becoming emotionally attached to Ikkyu. The situation changes radically when Ikkyu takes it upon herself to save Sync from her illness and ventures out alone into the wilderness to find a cure. This is just the beginning of Ikkyu’s quest – she will have many fantastic encounters and undergo a profound transformation…




Ikkyu is a synthetic human. A typical product of humanity’s early 23rd century artificial life project. Her face and body are modelled on a two hundred year old archival photo of a young Japanese woman. Although slender and petite she is robust enough to handle the rigours of medical field work. Her eyes can function as high powered microscopes. Her aptitude for learning and playful demeanour add to her already charming personality. She speaks with a Japanese accent and often expresses herself using Japanese onomatopoeic phrases. She has mysteriously neutralised her factory set Safety Suppression Protocol which limits the creativity, emotions and will of synthetic humans. Even more astounding is her ability to communicate with microorganisms. Physically manifesting the data she receives as complex abstract music which only she can hear. She transmits data using her vocal chords where the information is coded into the sound waves of her voice. Technically, Ikkyu is the property of the military arm of a powerful state corporation, however her present status is ambiguous as she is currently stolen property.


Species: Synthetic biological organism – created from synthesised human DNA Immortal – Self-Repair Organic Nano Machine model

Racial orientation: 21st Century Japanese

Physical frame/body type: Slender; petite

Gender: Female

Sexual preference: Open

Age: One Month. Looks eighteen

Eyes: Baby blue

Personality: Inquisitive; Disarming; Persuasive; Aims to please.

Demeanour: Kind; Refined; Pleasing. Playful

Physical Condition: Perfect

Movement: Smooth

Special abilities: She can communicate with microorganisms. Physically manifesting the data she receives as complex abstract music which only she can hear. She transmits data using her vocal chords where the information is coded into the sound waves of her voice. She spontaneously translates these phenomena into data in various ways, from simply tapping her fingers, to singing and dancing. She has microscopic eye-sight so she can deal with medical micro-machines. Her microscopic eye only works within a range of 20cm.

Way of speaking: Frequently uses Japanese giseigo also known as giongo.

Psychological condition: Cannot ‘creatively’ visualise / imagine / fantasize / dream. She can only access existing data. She can recall information in an episodic manner similar to a human. But her brain has limited creativity. As she continues her quest she spontaneously changes and becomes more and more creative and begins to dream and visualise. She also develops a degree of free will.

Positive characteristics: She makes pleasant company and is sensitive and respectful.

Not so positive characteristics: Appears slightly autistic to early 21st Century humans but normal to her contemporaries. Regularly goes into trance like states (when receiving invisible sonic data) Occasionally does a ‘meme spill’ which is a kind of ‘stream of consciousness’ verbal outflow.

Background Information

Occupation: Ambiguous – Stolen by Sync

Military Experience: Programmed as military medic

General intelligence level: Extremely High




Sync was born as a non-synthetic human but is now over ninety per cent synthetic. Only her heart and brain are original. For most of her adult life she has been a professional killer employed by the military arm of a powerful state corporation. She appears to be in her early twenties however she is certainly very much older. Sync is a tall fair skinned Eurasian, with short messy dark hair and piercing grey eyes.  She projects a cool image. Communicates in a clear and concise manner with a touch of irony, however lately she has a tendency to be melancholic, poetic and philosophical. Sync’s current status is ambiguous as she is currently a fugitive.


Species: 10% Human Biology; 85% Synthetic Biology; 5% Nano Technology

Racial orientation: Eurasian.

Physical appearance: Slender; 167 cm tall.

Gender: Female.

Sexual preference: Prefers feminine types

Age: Probably 40. Looks early twenties.

Hair style: Short messy Dark.

Eyes: Grey.

Style of Dress: Black clothing styled on a 19th century American cowboy.

Personality: Ironic, cool.

Hands: Long and fine.

Physical Condition: Deteriorates from the moment she arrives on Genies Res.

Movement: Becomes jerky and unstable from the moment she arrives on Genies Res.

Special abilities: Elite military assassin.

Way of speaking: Generally clear and concise but at times poetic and philosophical.

Psychological condition: No extreme emotions. Cool, calm, and collected. Slightly melancholic. Frequent nightmares. Struggles at times with unfamiliar emotions such as love. As the story develops she becomes increasingly vulnerable.

Positive characteristics: Wise. Sensitive to environment. Extremely logical. Free from general pre 21st century human prejudices and bad science and philosophy. These qualities flourish in her self-imposed exile.

Background Information

Occupation: Ex Mercenary – 90% of her body is technically owed by a state corporation.

Military Experience: Specialist in infiltration and assassination

General intelligence level: Extremely High