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Mobilising narrative art to reflect and critique philosophy, culture and science

We make art projects about social progress and potential futures. The future is now. Survival depends on constant improvement. Improvement requires knowledge. Knowledge requires creativity. Progress is unlimited.

Art is our imaginative response to what life could be. We use storytelling and narrative art to reflect upon and critique contemporary philosophical, cultural and scientific ideas.

Our projects take an optimistic and critical look at human culture. They explore how the dynamic of emotions, creativity and science affect cultural evolution.

We accept aesthetic and moral objectivity.

We work directly with experts and conduct detailed research to support the accuracy of our artistic provocations.

Our projects are inclusive and collaborative.  They involve creative people in the arts, sciences, and the humanities.

Learn about our art installation — I in the 22nd Century

The Studio Syncandi Story so far . . .

2015 – 2017
Established in March 2015 by video artist, composer and radio producer  Roberto Iolini, Studio Syncandi was intended to be a digital platform to produce and distribute SYNCANDI — a narrative about life, love and death set in a biologically altered future Japan. The project involved commissioning an international team of creatives in order to develop various media content. The team included an illustrator, songwriter, animator, 3D modeller and graphic designer.

In July 2016 Studio Syncandi began publishing the SYNCANDI narrative as a monthly series of ten digital comic issues accompanied by ten illustrations available as print posters illustrated by Polish artist Joanna Krótka.
Japanese language editions of the original comic and poster series are available from Japanese Online Artists Marketplace Pixiv Booth

The SYNCANDI Graphic Novel is available on Comixology in ENGLISH and SPANISH.

2017- Present
In July 2017 founder Roberto Iolini decided to get back to his roots, so to speak, and mobilise Studio Syncandi towards producing socially provocative projects.

Iolini repurposed existing SYNCANDI content and through Studio Syncandi, commissioned new work to be created for  — I in the 22nd Century — A future history of Japan told through a collection of video art works, an allegorical narrative about human cultural and biological evolution.

‘I in the 22nd Century’ is a touring installation — in  2020 i22 will be exhibited at CLB Berlin, Germany.
Read about the i22 Project here.

Studio Syncandi — Production Team

Emi Morita
Liaison and Coordination Japan

Seki Hideya
Technical Adviser (i22 Project Installation) RYU Corporation Japan

Paolo Barberis
Technical Adviser Italy

Dr Ross Gibson
Aesthetics Adviser Australia

David Nerlich
Visual Art Adviser Australia

Roberto Iolini
Founder and Director Japan | Australia | Italy

I in the 22nd Century — Artists

Joanna Krótka
Joanna is an illustrator based in Poland. She received her MFA in Graphic Arts in 2010. She works mainly in the fields of illustration and comics. Other times she’s busy fangirling. More information about Joanna can be found at

Nono Nagami
Nono was born in Kyoto in 1999. While not studying lacquer art at University, Nono spends her time playing the bass guitar,  illustrating, writing poetry and reading comics.

Chizu Ikura
Chizu started painting shodo at the age of 16 and studied calligraphy with Mr Eguchi Oima. She Graduated from Kyoto Narashi Women’s Junior College Design Course majoring in oil painting. For over twenty years she worked as an exclusive kimono designer and dyer. Chizu began her professional career as a shodo artist in 2002. She has had solo and group exhibitions in Japan and Germany.

David Nerlich
David is an Australian creator of films, sounds and images. More information can be found on David’s website

Yukiko Sugiyama
Yukiko was born in Kyoto, and received her Master of sculpture degree from Kanazawa College of Art, Kanazawa in 2011. Since then she has focused on Photography.  In 2018 she won the KG+‪ Award 2018 Japan, and the IPOTY – International Photographer of the Year award USA.

Ross Gibson
Ross Gibson is Centenary Professor of Creative & Cultural Research at the University of Canberra.  In this role, he works collaboratively to produce books, films and artworks and he supervises postgraduate students in similar pursuits. Details about Ross can be found here

Roberto Iolini
Robert (Roberto) Iolini is an internationally recognised artist, filmmaker, composer and radio producer. His creative experience incorporates twenty years of producing innovative and meaningful time-based media works that are stylistically diverse, and united by a philosophical approach. Iolini makes work about humans and how we behave in contemporary cultural environments.