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Studio Syncandi Kyoto

What is Studio Syncandi?

Studio Syncandi [sɪn ˈkændi] is an independent artist studio based in Kyoto Japan. It was established in 2015 by artist, composer, filmmaker, and radio producer Roberto Iolini to produce and distribute his experimental multi art storytelling project SYNCANDI.

Since 26 July 2016 Studio Syncandi has produced and published ten comics and illustrations plus an original song and accompanying animated music video. A 200+ page full colour Graphic Novel in English, Japanese and Spanish language editions, plus a Musical Soundtrack album will be published later this year.


SYNCANDI is a philosophical romance set in a future when the science of synthetic biology has empowered us to create and control our ‘natural’ environment.

The narrative questions the nature of love, life and death through the relationship between an exiled assassin and her biologically synthetic human nurse. 

The project uses a screenplay written by Roberto as the basis for creating songs, instrumental music, illustrations, a graphic novel, prose and poetry.

The idea is to encourage – either through direct commission or collaboration – any form of creativity that adds layers to the SYNCANDI narrative, and to then present the results of these creative experiments in the most appropriate manner possible. Presentation possibilities include digital or physical publishing, gallery exhibition and live performance.

Learn more about the SYNCANDI Project HERE.

The SYNCANDI Manifesto

Create compelling art, music and writing that:

Nurtures optimism about the future,

Promotes humanist thought and trust in science,

Encourages critical thinking and creative experimentation,

Knows how to have fun,

Values Japanese (pop) culture,

Liberates LGBT fiction,  

Resonates with Real Love.

We encourage learning and knowledge sharing.

Are you a dedicated creative person working in any field, at any stage of your career – and would you like to be involved with the SYNCANDI project?  We would love to hear from you no matter where you are in this world. We welcome collaborations with individuals, arts organizations and collectives.  Please Contact Us Here


Joanna Krótka

Joanna Krótka Bio Pic

Joanna is an illustrator based in Kraków, Poland. She received her MFA in Graphic Arts in 2010. She works mainly in the fields of illustration and comics. Other times she’s busy fangirling. More information about Joanna can be found at

Roberto Iolini

Roberto Iolini Bio Pic

Roberto is an Italian Australian creative professional who lives in Kyoto Japan. He creates and produces music, words and video. More information about Roberto  can be found at

Nono Nagami

Nono Nagami Bip Pic

Nono is a high school student in Kyoto Japan. She was born in 1999. She composes and performs her own songs, illustrates, writes poetry and reads comics.

David Nerlich

David Nerlich Bio Pic

David is an Australian creator of films, sounds and images. More information can be found on David’s website

Emi Morita


Emi is a Japanese  freelance production assistant and qualified English/Japanese interpreter based in Kyoto.  In her spare time she trains Japanese executives how to stay healthy.

Natasza Sałańska

Natasza Sałańska Bio Pic

Natasza is from Poland, She is now based in Barcelona Spain. She’s a graphic designer passionate about typography. In her graphic projects she likes to use traditional artistic techniques and a free mind 😉 More information can be found on her website

Dario Fish – HellFish Studios

Dario is a freelance 3D artist and 3D modeler based in Venice, Italy. More information about Dario can be found at

Satoru Sakaguchi

Syncandi Logo Black

Satoru is a NAATI accredited professional translator between English and Japanese based in Tokyo Japan. He is a Graduate of Kyoto and Melbourne Universities.