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Ikkyu’s Journal 09

Ikkyu's Journal 09







Ikkyu’s Journal 09

Hasn’t this gone far enough?

Ikkyu is so mixed up.

All this pressure from you, and that strange river woman, not to mention this totally intense environment.

You all want part of Ikkyu.

Well this part says no.

There is something you want.

Something that she was never programmed to give.

Something she never asked for.

Don’t you think it’s dangerous?

I think you’re all so selfish.

Surely you can see how much she’s suffering.

It just seems so wrong.

Why can’t you just let her be, just let her do the job she was made for.

She’s a carer not a warrior like you.

That’s all she knows.

That’s how it should be.

Why create all these disturbances?

I just don’t see the point.

All this attention just destabilizes her.

The factory incident left her incredibly fragile.

What she needs now is the space and time to repair.

If you really care for her, please listen to what I’m saying. Think about what you’re doing to her.

Keep her away from that weird woman.

Keep her safe and by your side so she can continue to care for you.

Isn’t that what you want?

After all that’s why you brought her here, right?

The whole things just getting out of control.

Gone way beyond normal procedure and protocols.

I mean it’s common knowledge that synthetic humans have a limited emotional and creative spectrum.

That’s why the safety suppression protocol was created.

It’s not there just to protect humans, it’s there to protect us from ourselves.

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