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SYNCANDI art + music experiment 01

This week at Studio Syncandi.

David Nerlich, the guy that made our great Love Song of Genies Res music video, has made some rather amazing artworks by digitally reworking stills from the video  as well as images from the comic series. See some examples below. We are planning to offer a  selection of these works as print posters.

Roberto Iolini did an interview for Australian radio station 2SER-FM about Studio Syncandi. The interviewer was Peter Castaldi for his weekly screen culture show Screaming Jets. It will be broadcast in late January.

We are happy to say that the fourth SYNCANDI free webcomic  was published on Sunday. We are continuing to provide our comic series free to read online to help share the love.

We are excited to announce that Roberto has been remixing some experimental songs which he composed for the SYNCANDI project. They feature UTAU, the Japanese vocal synthesis music software program which is similar to Vocaloid. These songs are imaginative, quirky and accessible.  We’ll be sharing these with you very soon.

In the meantime please enjoy the artwork below:)






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