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SYNCANDI art + music experiment 03

Hello – Roberto here. 

It has been mentioned in this blog and elsewhere, that I’ve been working on a collection of musical works to accompany the SYNCANDI COMIC.

As an aside: Interesting circular creative collaborative process here. I write a screenplay. Illustrator Joanna Krótka turns it into a comic. Then I compose music inspired by her artwork!

The good news is that I’ve completed seven pieces so far. I’m aiming for at least ten. All the compositions feature the Ikkyu UTAU voicebank (unofficial UTAUloid) which I made a few years ago. It’s been a lot of fun working with this quirky software. UTAU however, is only part of the story, a vital part, but as a composing tool I find it a little cumbersome. So I simply use it to trigger fragments of pre composed monophonic melodies (as in the image above). Cubase is my current DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).

I’ve always enjoyed composing for voice, both spoken word and sung, and extending this to include synthetic voices is very exciting and somewhat challenging. As usual, I’ve adopted an experimental approach in composing music for the SYNCANDI project. Be warned, these pieces are very different to Love Song of Genies Res which was composed and sung by Nono Nagami.

I’m not apologising, just letting you know in advance:)) Actually, why not have a listen for yourself to a rough mix of one of the pieces and let me know what you think? The link is below.

The composition has the working title of ‘Crystals’. I composed it as the soundtrack to the scene in SYNCANDI COMIC 9 in which Ikkyu sings with a giant crystal deep underground. Below you can see the illustrations that correspond to this track.

Thank you for being interested. Roberto

Track title: Crystal Song | Duration: 2’16” |




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