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Category: Comic

Humans used Genies Res to experiment with artificial evolution

EXT. BEACH – DAY Long golden sandy beach. Cloudless sky. No wind. Gentle swell. Ikkyu casually walks along the water’s edge. Deep in thought, Ikkyu remembers… SYNC (V.O) …So humans used this place to experiment with artificial evolution? SHAMAN (V.O) Yes, on a grand scale. They needed to solve the mystery of why the DNA…

SYNCANDI POSTER : Drowning (sample)

2nd SYNCANDI Comic & Poster

SYNCANDI COMIC 02 So much to understand – sex, walking, emotions, sentient landscape – Luckily Ikkyu’s a fast learner. Ikkyu gets played by a stream, is taught how to walk, experiences neediness and shares her vulnerability with Sync. The second issue in the SYNCANDI comic series. Ikkyu has an interesting encounter with a stream “Like…