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3rd SYNCANDI Comic & Poster



The latest SYNCANDI comic is here. This is the third in the series. It introduces the Shaman character into the narrative. She’s an intriguing personality who seems to know a lot about Ikkyu and Sync as well as Genies Res. Her background is mysterious, but she apparently lives in a stone hut by a stream in the forest. Her clothing resembles a traditional Japanese shrine maiden’s, although the skirt is way too short and the top half is way too revealing to be traditional. In any case, on the surface the Shaman looks pretty kawaii, but there’s something deep and almost unsettling going on behind her deep blue eyes. She seems curious about Ikkyu and willing to spend some time and energy on her. Meanwhile, Ikkyu apparently  accepts the Shaman as some kind of authority figure, naively entrusting herself to her care.

Much is revealed in this issue, we learn something of the history of Genies Res, as well as the nature of Sync’s illness. We also get to see some more of the Genies Res landscape. So, if you’ve already read and liked SYNCANDI COMIC 01 and 02, which focus on Sync and Ikkyu,  you’ll enjoy this issue even more now that a third character has entered the story.

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This week we published the third SYNCANDI Poster entitled Undressing Ikkyu. This time, Joanna has gone with a sensual and provocative illustration that shows Ikkyu being unzipped out of her nurse uniform by an unseen hand. Ikkyu doesn’t seem at all innocent in this scene, which allows us to glimpse another aspect of her character.

Another stunning work of art from Polish artist Joanna Krótka.

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