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Ikkyu’s Journal 03

Ikkyu's Journal 03

Well. Here we are. Again.

I feel good.

I just want to say.

Thank you for teaching me.

About my skin and how to play.

My body.

Your touch.

My tongue.

Your fingers.

Our Lips.

My lover.

Yes, you confused me.

The things you wanted.

But I understand.

The thing you want.

That I want.

That we do together.


It’s sad that I have to wait.

That you’re unfit.

But that’s OK.

It’s actually better.

The build up.

The energy.

The memory tingles.

Tiny bubbles all over my skin.



Is it normal?

What is that, anyway?

Does it really matter?

Well, I like it.

I am going to keep doing it as much as I can.

As long a I’m not hurting anyone, then it’s OK. Right?

To give and to take.

It seems like a good balance.

The first time I gave and you took.

That system was all I knew.

And I just gave you what you wanted.

After a while I began to feel something inside.

Something from you was entering into my body, searching for something deep inside me.

I could feel it gently probing…deep.

I couldn’t comprehend.

I couldn’t express.

I thought I wasn’t allowed.

So I kept silent.

Then one day, I understood that you needed…me, not just my skin, but deeper.

You must have known, because you started to give, instead of take.

And now we share.

And I never want that to end.


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