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ART e FACT Film (Post Production)

Feature film written, directed and produced by Robert Iolini. Science fiction, mystery – In a deceptively idyllic society, a disheartened young singer finds inspiration when her songs help bring about a visionary revolution. IMDB We are currently in Post Production – Join our Mailing List for Release Dates. Completed ten day film shoot in Barcelona…

Art E Fact Film Still 2023

ART e FACT Shoot Wrapped!

The production team of ART e FACT is pleased to announce that the principal photography of the film has been successfully completed. ART e FACT is a sci-fi feature film that explores the impact of creativity and criticism on a society ruled by an authoritarian regime. The film is written and directed by Robert Iolini…

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ART e FACT: A visionary feature film in the making

We are excited to announce that Robert Iolini’s new film, ART e FACT, a sci-fi intrigue about the effect of creativity and criticism on an authoritarian society, has been cast and is scheduled for a July 2023 shoot on location in Barcelona, Spain. British actress, model and singer, Andrea Tivadar, has been cast in the…

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Studio Syncandi Back Story

Here is a timeline showing some key milestones in the SYNCANDI story. Current to August 1, 2017 SYNCANDI is to be set in a post cyberpunk/post human world. Learned the backstory of cyberpunk via the writings of Philip K. Dick, William Gibson,  Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash and Donna Haraway’s Cyborg Manifesto. Consumed a long list…


Dear friends and supporters, At the beginning of this month we published the tenth and final chapter of our current SYNCANDI series. It has been a wonderful experience for both Joanna and myself. And I hope for you as well. Stay with us, as we have plans to continue the adventures of Ikkyu, Sync and the…