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Ikkyu’s Journal 07

SYNCANDI - Ikkyu's Journal 07









I have experienced something very very important.

We did something together.

You and I.

Do you remember?

We are together in a lovely place all golden and warm.

We’re just floating there.

The two of us.

Our eyes are closed.

Like when we sleep.

What’s interesting is that I am experiencing this simultaneously from my floating body and from outside that body.

Then I notice that there are thousands of tiny tiny threads coming out of our bodies.

The threads are almost invisible, translucent.

But I can see them.

The threads are attached all over our bodies.

When I look closely I can see that there is some kind of liquid flowing through them.

The liquid is flowing into our bodies.

Gently pulsating.

It feels warm.

I can see that the threads lead into a giant tube that flows and wends its way into the distance.

Only you and I are connected to it.

The tube is filled with liquid.

The liquid gently flows.

The inside of the tube looks like a sandy clear stream in a forest.

When I look closely I can see tiny tiny creatures swimming in the stream.

The creatures have fantastic shapes.

They swim and frolic.

It seems that they are playing together.

I can’t stop looking at them floating and playing in the gentle current inside the big tube.

Then I turn and see that your eyes are open.

You are looking at me.

You gently float over to my sleeping body.

You reach out your hand and ever so gently remove a thread connected to my breast.

The thread floats up and away and a few drops of liquid begin to slowly float out of my breast.

You pull another thread.

And more drops flow.

One by one.

You remove the threads.

Soon there are many drops floating up and out of my breast.

Slowly you bring your mouth towards my breast and tenderly place your lips to where the drops are flowing and begin to gently drink.

At that moment my eyes open.

And I can see a smile on my face.

I move my hand and place it behind your head.

Then I woke up and discovered I was in an unfamiliar stone room.


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