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Ikkyu’s Journal 10

Ikkyu's Journal 10

Well seems like my plan worked.

I ventured out and my vision has expanded.

So rapidly.

After meeting her – the river woman.

I can understand more, much much more, maybe too much.

The first part of my plan worked.

Ikkyu has stopped ricocheting around and has stabilised.

At least for the moment.

I’m glad you let the river woman come here, before it was too late.

I found her, but you allowed her in.

For Ikkyu, not yourself.

When she held me, and I held you, I could hear the music of your dying.

Your heart, your brain and the virus growing.

Trying to kill you.

It is music that only I can hear.

I don’t know how I did that.

I guess it’s to do with the something that only I have.

I felt something else too, while my body was listening to your body – an unfamiliar slightly painful sensation deep inside my chest that went up into my throat.

And remained there.


Almost painful.

But not quite.

Do you ever feel that?


We learnt many things from going into your body… and listening.

A way forward out of the fog.

What I have to do to save you.

To save us.

Yes, I must leave here.

Without you, but not alone, because wherever I go the music will be with me.

Inside me.

Like you already are.

But I have to use my creativity and willpower.

It’s all so fast and new, but now that I can learn, there is a way to keep living…

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