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Humans used Genies Res to experiment with artificial evolution



Long golden sandy beach. Cloudless sky. No wind. Gentle swell. Ikkyu casually walks along the water’s edge.

Deep in thought, Ikkyu remembers…


…So humans used this place to experiment with artificial evolution?


Yes, on a grand scale. They needed to solve the mystery of why the DNA code, which evolved to define bacteria, had enough reach to define dinosaurs and humans…


…Which would allow them to create synthetic organisms that could truly evolve.


The above excerpt from the script for SYNCANDI Comic 06 is bound to be a tad confusing to the general reader, unless of course you are familiar with the writings of Physicist David Deutsch. The ‘hard’ science in Syncandi fiction draws significantly on Deutsch’s book The Beginning of Infinity. 

Here is an excerpt from Deutsch’s book which puts the conversation between Sync and the Shaman into context.

The Beginning of Infinity – By David Deutsch – Page 163

The field of artificial (general) intelligence has made no progress because there is an unsolved philosophical problem at its heart: we do not understand how creativity works. Once that has been solved, programming it will not be difficult. Even artificial evolution may not have been achieved yet, despite appearances. There the problem is that we do not understand the nature of the universality of the DNA replication system.

Hope this helps a little.



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