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SYNCANDI Music Soundtrack

Music plays a central role in the SYNCANDI narrative. Ikkyu communicates with the flora and fauna of Genies Res through sonic vibrations which only she can hear. She then uses her voice to reproduce these mysterious sonic vibrations as songs.

Roberto Iolini has been composing a collection of songs and instrumentals that act as a kind of soundtrack to the SYNCANDI narrative. Many of his compositions are designed to be listened to while reading or at least thinking about specific scenes in which Ikkyu musically interacts with her physical environment.

Roberto writes about his composing process here.

Listen to Roberto Iolini’s Crystal Song.




In 2016 we commissioned Nono a Japanese schoolgirl to compose and perform a song for the SYNCANDI project. In a matter of days she came up with Love Song of Genies Res, written for bass guitar and vocals. Composer Roberto Iolini went on to arrange and produce it for the project.

Learn more about the making of Love Song of Genies Res.