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“Krótka’s poetic art showing us through a glass darkly, what’s happening. Kind of sci-fi, kind of romance, kind of mythic, more than a little trippy . . . ” 

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The SYNCANDI graphic novel is currently being incorporated into a new multi-art storytelling installation entitled ‘I in the 22nd Century’.

i22 Project
Writing | Video Art | Music | Illustration | Sequential Art | Animation | Photography

The first work in the i22 project is a multi-art form storytelling installation entitled ‘I in the 22nd Century’ — currently in production.

I in the 22nd Century is a fictional exhibition set in our future. Its purpose is to shed light on the mysterious anti-hero ‘I’ and her accomplices, who were catalysts to a radical social revolution which occured in 2040, known as the Great Dynamic, an historical event which transformed Japan into a politically open, creative and dynamic society. When present-day audiences enter the exhibition they are metaphorically time travelling to the 22nd century.

The i22 project casts a simultaneously optimistic and critical gaze upon human culture, exploring how the dynamic of emotions, creativity and science affect cultural evolution.

This is a project about social progress and potential futures, inviting us to consider art as our imaginative response to what life could be. It challenges us to engage in debate about synthetic biology, a life-changing scientific revolution, which allows organisms including humans to be created from artificial DNA. Japan is used as a model but the messages are universal.

What is SYNCANDI [sɪn ˈkændi]?

In October 2015 we commissioned Polish artist extraordinaire Joanna Krótka to illustrate a graphic novel Roberto Iolini had written entitled SYNCANDI. In July 2016 we began publishing SYNCANDI as a monthly series of ten digital comic issues accompanied by ten illustrations available as print posters.

At present we have officially published the SYNCANDI (digital) Graphic Novel and (print) Posters.

You can buy all SYNCANDI products securely from our Online Shop on this website using a credit card or paypal.

The SYNCANDI Graphic Novel is also available on Comixology in ENGLISH and SPANISH.

A philosophical look at life, love and death in the 22nd century

SYNCANDI is a philosophical narrative set in a future when the science of synthetic biology has empowered us to create and control our ‘natural’ environment. The narrative questions the nature of life, love and death through the relationship between an exiled assassin and her biologically synthetic human nurse.

The graphic novel follows the adventures of a newly created biologically synthetic human named Ikkyu, who awakens in an off limits experimental forest to find she has been stolen in order to care for a dying female assassin named Sync. Ikkyu has not been fully processed, which makes her psychologically vulnerable. She soon discovers that she has the unique ability to communicate through music with the surrounding forest. Stimulated by the constant exposure to the sentient forest and Sync’s affections, not to mention her encounters with a mysterious shaman, Ikkyu begins to develop willpower and desire. Struggling to come to terms with her identity and emotions, Ikkyu makes a radical decision with profound and far reaching consequences . . .

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The Creators

Roberto Iolini

Roberto Iolini Bio Pic

Roberto is an Italian Australian artist who is currently based in Kyoto Japan. He creates and produces music, words and video. More information about Roberto can be found at

Joanna Krótka

Joanna Krótka Bio Pic

Joanna is an illustrator based in Kraków, Poland. She received her MFA in Graphic Arts in 2010. She works mainly in the fields of illustration and comics. Other times she’s busy fangirling. More information about Joanna can be found at


Studio Syncandi Logo

What is Studio Syncandi?

Studio Syncandi [sɪn ˈkændi] is an independent artist studio based in Kyoto Japan. It was established in 2015 by artist, composer, filmmaker, writer and radio producer Roberto Iolini to produce and distribute the SYNCANDI Project.

Studio Syncandi is registered with the Japanese Tax Office as a Sole Proprietor (kojin jigyo) in Japan.

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