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SYNCANDI art + music experiment 01

This week at Studio Syncandi. David Nerlich, the guy that made our great Love Song of Genies Res music video, has made some rather amazing artworks by digitally reworking stills from the video  as well as images from the comic series. See some examples below. We are planning to offer a  selection of these works…

Editor’s Choice: Sync is a super cool cowboy in a psychedelic world

STUDIO SYNCANDI editor Roberto, chooses six stunning music video still images of Sync, portrayed as a super cool cowboy in a psychedelic world.   The stills are from a music video called Love Song of Genies Res, created for the song of the same name by sixteen year old Japanese musician, Nono Nagami. We gave,…

Love in a Synthetic World just got Real

Happy Birthday SYNCANDI image celebrating SYNCANDI official launch

Welcome to the SYNCANDI universe. We are so excited!!!

SYNCANDI official launch

Studio Syncandi Team – 26 July 2016