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SYNCANDI Comic Review: A lush world drawn with sophisticated lines in an avant-garde style.


Japanese review of the first four issues of the SYNCANDI comic series:

(originally in Japanese) by yxmr-e2 tumblr .

syncandi comic reviewA lush world drawn with sophisticated lines in an avant-garde style. I read them quickly and restlessly.

Where did they come from? Were they meant to meet? Lots of mysteries. It seems like some kind of experiment is involved. Ikkyu is curious and wants to know about life. While, Sync seems to have lost hope to live. Ikkyu wants to keep Sync alive and Sync wants to die.

It’s very painful to see the relationship between these two artificial humans. The characters emotional expressions are well drawn in each scene.

The illustrations blend beautifully with the peaceful world and minimal dialogue. In addition, Ikkyu’s innocent look and Sync’s beautiful, yet boyish body are sensual and attractive.

Personally, I am very curious about a girl looks who like a Miko (shaman) who Ikkyu meets by a river. Above all, I am so looking forward to reading the next issues to understand the details of the story and the development of each character’s heart.

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