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Ikkyu’s Journal 01

Who is this?

This is Ikkyu’s voice.

Ikkyu feels something…a

need…to communicate…with you.

So, I will speak here, now.

For her, for me, for us…

I want to help her to understand, so she

can be strong…and stable.

She must survive.

I am clear.

I want her to be clear…and powerful,

like me.

I have something to say.

Something about myself.

There are many things I need to understand.

Want to understand.

Every day I experience something new.

It’s fast and exciting.

So much knowledge and information pouring into my body.

From this place, the trees, the tiny tiny animals,

the raindrops, your skin.

Sometimes it feels so good.

Sometimes it feels strange, painful.

But, I am not afraid because I know it must happen.

I know something true.

I must learn about me, us, this place… and you.

Even though we are so so together, I am alone.

Ikkyu becomes unstable, when you give her something new. Because I am not there. If you let me in.

I can understand, and learn, then Ikkyu will accept, stabilise, become stronger…and grow.

There are questions.

I have so many.

About you.

About this body.

These sensations.

How can I ask?

Where is the space.

The time?

So very close, our bodies touching…you

want it, need it.

But why so far away?

How do you do that?

Ikkyu can’t move.

Me, can’t stop running.



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