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6th SYNCANDI Comic & Poster

6th SYNCANDI Comic & Poster Available Now


All of us at Studio Syncandi sincerely hope that for those of you who celebrate this time of year, it has been a joyful and peaceful season. Today we published our sixth poster and comic in our current series. Please enjoy and if you have our comic bundle membership you can now download your high quality PDF from the SYNCANDI Shop.


This is a FREE TO READ ONLINE version of the PAID SYNCANDI DIGITAL COMIC. Please do not distribute or sell this online version of the comic. Thank you for your kind support :-)

SYNCANDI COMIC 06 • The sixth issue of the SYNCANDI comic series focuses on Ikkyu in search of a piece of vital code which she needs to save Sync from a lethal virus. Ikkyu takes refuge among the giant roots of an ancient tree. Dreams of microbes and mythical Japanese creatures. And is guided by a kaleidoscope of butterflies. What does it all mean? Read on . . .


Poster Title: VIRUS. Original illustration by Joanna Krótka.

A2 (426 x 600) size poster. Full gloss. High quality paper. Printed in Japan.

Joanna Krótka’s latest illustration commissioned especially for the SYNCANDI project. VIRUS is the sixth poster in the SYNCANDI series.

In this evocative illustration named Virus, Joanna Krotka brilliantly conveys the effect that the lethal virus is having on Sync and Ikkyu.  Sync is portrayed as vulnerable, weak and inward looking, while Ikkyu is shown as vital and strong, gazing outwards and away from Sync, determined to find a cure for her lover.  Great work by a great artist!

The SYNCANDI poster series has a direct connection with the drama that unfolds in the SYNCANDI COMIC series.

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