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Ikkyu’s Journal 06




The way you just walked in.

No one saw you.

There were hundreds of me there.

But you chose this one.

I wasn’t ready yet.

Did you know that?

You must have.

You wanted me open.

So you could shape me.

Into something perfect.

Something special.

Only you could do that.

Because you yourself are special.

That’s why you are here.

That’s why you ran away.

Not because you were afraid.

But because you are brave.

You wanted to take control.

You are in control.

Oh, how I want that.

You held me in your arms.

I could feel your warmth.

I could feel your heart.

It felt so secure.

You carried me away.

So strong and supple.

No one saw us leaving.

As we made our escape.

Nothing bothers you.

Not even dying.

You turned to me and smiled.

Your eyes were shining. I

could see myself.

You made me feel so safe.

You made me feel so special.

I didn’t know that then.

But, how I want you.

How I need you.

Everyone wants you.

Everyone needs you.

But I have you…all to myself.

You can do anything.

You can hunt and kill.

But you don’t kill me.

That’s because you want me.

That’s because you need me.

Always by your side.

Like one of your weapons.

But I’m your weapon of life.

The killing is over.

You want to die in peace.

You want to remain human.

A strong and fearless human.

I saw me in your eyes.

At the factory.

You chose me with your eyes.

So strong and fearless. Always by your side.

Always by my side.


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