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4th SYNCANDI Comic & Poster

4th SYNCANDI Comic & Poster

SYNCANDI COMIC 04     Today we published the fourth issue of the SYNCANDI comic series. The story is full of emotional and physical drama. In Comic 03, Ikkyu meets the Shaman and receives  a special treatment. In this issue we discover the profound effect of that treatment on Ikkyu, how she reacts to it and how Sync…

3rd SYNCANDI Comic & Poster

SYNCANDI COMIC 03 The latest SYNCANDI comic is here. This is the third in the series. It introduces the Shaman character into the narrative. She’s an intriguing personality who seems to know a lot about Ikkyu and Sync as well as Genies Res. Her background is mysterious, but she apparently lives in a stone hut…

Editor’s Choice: Sync is a super cool cowboy in a psychedelic world

STUDIO SYNCANDI editor Roberto, chooses six stunning music video still images of Sync, portrayed as a super cool cowboy in a psychedelic world.   The stills are from a music video called Love Song of Genies Res, created for the song of the same name by sixteen year old Japanese musician, Nono Nagami. We gave,…

SYNCANDI POSTER : Drowning (sample)

2nd SYNCANDI Comic & Poster

SYNCANDI COMIC 02 So much to understand – sex, walking, emotions, sentient landscape – Luckily Ikkyu’s a fast learner. Ikkyu gets played by a stream, is taught how to walk, experiences neediness and shares her vulnerability with Sync. The second issue in the SYNCANDI comic series. Ikkyu has an interesting encounter with a stream “Like…

SYNCANDI Comic Review: A lush world drawn with sophisticated lines in an avant-garde style.

  Japanese review of the first four issues of the SYNCANDI comic series: (originally in Japanese) by yxmr-e2 tumblr . A lush world drawn with sophisticated lines in an avant-garde style. I read them quickly and restlessly. Where did they come from? Were they meant to meet? Lots of mysteries. It seems like some kind of experiment is involved. Ikkyu is curious and wants…

Love in a Synthetic World just got Real

Happy Birthday SYNCANDI image celebrating SYNCANDI official launch

Welcome to the SYNCANDI universe. We are so excited!!!

SYNCANDI official launch

Studio Syncandi Team – 26 July 2016